About Our Team

We have a belief that UBM technology is extremely likely to reveal many fascinating secrets about the anterior segment.

We are a team of UBM enthusiasts from multiple institutions worldwide who specialize primarily in congenital and childhood cataracts and glaucoma. Our interests also involve adult anterior segment diseases, anterior segment dysgenesis, anterior segment trauma.

Our group consists of ophthalmic photographers, attending physicians (specialty trained in pediatric ophthlamology, glaucoma, and/or cornea), ophthalmology fellows (training in these sub-specialties), ophthalmology residents, medical students, and undergraduate students. 


About our protocol

The methodology of our imaging and analysis is beyond the scope of what any paper would be able to publish. That said, we want our techniques to help others and be utilized by others. In this way and only in this way can we pool data and compare findings. Without a universally accepted protocol, it will be impossible for us to apply any clinically useful findings.  The protocol we have developed is the result of years of trial and error with statistically evaluation at each step to ensure that our tweaks resulted in a more robust technique.
The protocol has 2 parts:
1. How to image using UBM.
2. How to analyze each UBM image.
Each part is extremely specific so that our protocol can be replicated by other clinicians.